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Searching For Best Orthopedic Surgeon For Arthritis Treatment ??

Arthritis is a kind of joint disorder that is most commonly seen in aged people over the age of 65 but there is a minor chance of developing at the early stages of the life like childhood and teenage. Arthritis involves the inflammation at the affected area especially at the joint areas. It may be considered as the main cause of disability. Knowing much more about arthritis can help the common man to take the necessary treatment at the different stages of life.

There are mainly four types of arthritis that is commonly seen in general people. They are osteoarthritis (also called as degenerative joint disease) , rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis.

Cause of arthritis

It is caused due to the several factors. The patients will notice some changes like some pain on joint etc. There are some other factors that led to the orthopedic disease called arthritis. They are previous injury, infection, smoking etc

Have a self examination

Some of the common symptoms that a arthritis patient experience are stiffness at joints, tiredness, weight loss, muscle pains, tenderness, difficulty moving the joint, loss of flexibility, decreased aerobic fitness.

How can i get rid of arthritis 

Some of the severe cases may require the surgery procedure for treating arthritis. It may include joint replacement, fusion of joints, tendon reconstruction synovectomy.

Where and Whom to consult for treatment

Where and whom is the most confusing question most of the patients has been experiencing. The best solution for this query is to find out the best orthopedic surgeon and discuss your condition and seek advise. Dr Prabhu Dev Basappa is one of the renowned orthopedic surgeon in India who have leaded with many successful cases.

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