Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cause of Arthritis and Best Treatment

Have any one know what actually is the cause of arthritis pain in your joints? We will keep on asking the same question to some one else. Most of us would have been experiencing the similar arthritis pain or you may know some one who have the same problem.

There are several factors that deals with the arthritis pain. There are 100 plus condition that affect our bone and thus may lead to arthritis problem. Most of the arthritis patient will not experience any discomfort. After a while there will be some swelling and stiffness developed in the joint bones.

Cause of Arthritis 

1) Age - It is one of the important factor. While aging there is a huge chance of get affected with arthritis.

2) Heredity - Some of them will have the arthritis due to hereditary problems. Family background may determine the shape of people's bones.

3) Being Overweight - Also, important too is all the extra weight a person may have on their body.

4) Injury and Disease - This usually happens when you might have had sport injuries. Also of infections in any joints.

5) Lack of Physical Activity - If you don't do a lot of physical activity or exercise regularly, you may easily develop this condition.

6) Stress - If you are stressed a lot of the times, you may experience a lot more painful flare ups.

Treatment for the arthritis 

The treatment for the arthritis can be predicted only by a orthopedic surgeon. The treatments will depends on the physical condition of the patients. Any how the surgical treatment is more effective than the other treatment methods. Some lifestyle changes may require after the treatment.

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