Tuesday, 28 July 2015

When and Why Hip Replacement Surgery is done?

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   Being the largest joints in the body, the problems that affects the hip, will ruins your life. Hip balances the body weight and it helps in flexible mobility of the legs. Perhaps, the hip replacement surgery is not the first option for hip pains, we should aware of in which situation, it is needed?

Hip pains occur due to arthritis, hip fracture, hip dysplasia etc.
Arthritis – inflammation of joints due to day to day wear and tear in life. Arthritis is of different types – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc. 
Hip fracture – injury to hip or cartilage tissue damages are caused to hip fractures.
Hip dysplasia – the deformity of hip socket to cover up the ball portion of the upper thighbone is characterized by hip dysplasia.

Hip Replacement Surgery In Bangalore
Normally when these conditions occur, the following symptoms are seen:

  • Joint stiffness and swollenness.
  • Joint pain and tender
  • Abnormal fatigue
  • Fever, chill etc

The hip replacement surgery becomes needful when hip pain persists after trying all possible treatments.
Hip replacements can be done in two ways – Total and Partial Hip Replacement Surgery.
The difference lies within two is of considering the replacement of femoral head or ball and socket of hip joints. In partial hip replacement, the femoral head is replaced with new prosthetic femoral head. And in total hip replacement, both the ball and sockets are replaced with artificial ball and socket.

Whatever, the success rate of the surgery depends on the surgeon with enough experience to choose which surgery is opt for the patient.

Dr. Prabhu dev is highly experienced in hip replacement surgery and he uses arthroscopic techniques for doing surgeries. The time taken for this surgery is less than 90 minutes and cent percent recovery is achieved in time less than 6 months. He doing hip replacement surgery in bangalore at his hospital. 

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